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The Kentucky National Guard Memorial needs your help! Over the past few years the memorial has raised money through; golf scrambles, motorcycle rallies, and raffles.  But, it's still not enough.  Construction cannot begin on the memorial until another $860,000 is raised. That's where I come in.

I'm trying to raise $15k, and get the word out! You may not agree with the wars, and that's understandable, but one thing that is not deniable is this; these men and women gave their lives for something THEY believed was right.  Please, don't let the memory of these Soldiers ever be forgotten.  They deserve more from us! You don't have to be from Kentucky to realize this cause is noble and deserves your attention.  Please, give the wives, husbands, children, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters of these men and women a place where they can look upon their loved one's name with pride. Please, donate today.

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When the flag is finally folded and the last echoes of Taps fade all that is left is one lonely tombstone among many.

Friends and family will tell the Soldier or Airman's story of valor and service to his state and his nation while they can.

But … one day … no one will be left who can say how or why they perished.

All that will be left is one lonely tombstone among many.

Since 1912 thousands of men and women have served in the Kentucky National Guard.

Hundreds of them have perished -- some on foreign battlefields, some on missions here in Kentucky to save fellow citizens from danger and disaster and some perished training to accomplish their missions.

They each took a sacred vow to protect us from enemies foreign and domestic.

Now it's your turn.

Step forward and help us honor their sacrifices,

Soldiers and Airmen never die until they are forgotten.The Kentucky National Guard Memorial will create a sacred space for families, friends, and comrades to reflect and remember. It will create a classroom for those wishing to learn about service to the state and the nation as well as the cost of freedom.  This memorial will serve long past our lifetimes and, because of its location, will always be a lasting reminder of National Guard service to all those who pass through the gates of the Kentucky National Guard. It will link the sacrifices of the past with the service of the present and the challenges for the future.

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