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Protect our girls future.


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Protect our girls future by donating my time and resources to support girl-oriented college and care

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How this will help

Certain youth face barriers to remaining in school or securing employment, including poverty, their parents' level of education, and whether the youth are pregnant or parenting, among other factors. Leading Ladies of Legacy's goal is help girls overcome poverty, successfully complete high school, and either attend post secondary education or enter the workforce. 

The Girls to Greatness College and Career Mentoring Project plays a unique role because we offer work-based learning to provide participating students with work experience and on-the-job training; school-based learning, involving upgrading and integrating the occupational skills participating students learn in school and the workplace. At-risk youth will be motivated with our program to pursue careers and post secondary educational opportunities that they might otherwise see as only available to privileged youth. The summer internship will allow students to apply their training and receive quality feedback. Our program also addresses leadership development and community service. 

We need your help with either volunteering, donating materials, and monetary doantions. No amount of time is too small and no gift is too small.  Remember what college and your first job meant for you and your future. Don't let them miss out on their opportunities and life lessons. Support them NOW!

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