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This is my story: 

In 2008 my wife Bunky began working as a hotdog vendor for Fat Franks. I would go along with her every day to learn about the business -  we even thought about owning our own cart some day and starting a new life in this field. But in May of that year my wife walked around the cart and tripped over the hitch, breaking both elbows in six places. 

At first her employer and cart owner Dennis Fidal lied to us, saying he did not have any coverage for injured employees. However, after a few months had passed we decided that something was not right about this, so my wife decided to sue the owner. After talking with a lawyer we discovered that Dennis had lied to us - he did in fact have W.C.B. coverage. 

That's when my wife first filed a claim #558 1474 with the W.C.B and the real nightmare began. 

We dealt with unhelpful, unsympathetic case workers who seemed intent on making the whole process so hard that we would just give up on our claim. Meanwhile, all this time while we were ignored it was left up to me to care for my wife while her broken bones healed. I took her to the bathroom day and night, dressed and bathed her, and took her to doctor appointments. Her injury took many months to heal and the W.C.B. continued to refuse to offer any help of substance, leaving us to pay for her medications on our own. 

In 2010 my wife fell into a deep depression I started to notice signs that she was becoming suicidal. Our battle with W.C.B continued - I helped my wife get an appeal adviser but he was just as unhelpful as those we initially dealt with. There was non-stop paperwork and bureaucratic hoops for us to jump through. 

By 2012 Bunky had been on suicide watch for two years and I myself was exhausted, severely depressed, and desperately trying to help keep her spirits up. On Oct 17, 2012  we woke up and I made her coffee. Like most mornings we sat together and talked and had a laugh or two. It seemed like it would be a good day so I felt safe to leave her alone for a bit while I ran out to do some errands. I was only gone for 45 minutes, but when I returned home the outside screen door was latched and when I tried to open the backdoor I found it locked as well. I knew something was wrong and in a desperate state of panic I began to break down the first of the two doors. She had locked herself in the bathroom and had hung herself. 

I blame W.C.B for abandoning my wife during her greatest time of need. My beautiful wife and only true friend, Janette Victoria Branter deserves dignity and justice, even now. 

This is why I created this petition - for my wife Bunky and injured workers everywhere who suffer as a result of W.C.B's negligence. 


Blaine Branter


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