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Revolutionise the food industry and prevent food produce wastage on a global scale

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The Real Junk Food Project was founded on 22nd February 2012 and is a charitable movement that aims to rid the world of food produce waste. The basic concept relies on intercepting produce before it reaches landfills and utilisng free public BBQ's to cook for & teach the general public on how to use waste food efficiently and prevent it from becoming rubbish. The results are then distributed to those that are food insecure ensuring that they benefit from this completely cost free concept.
So far we have intercepted and cooked over 120kg of food produce in 5 weeks and fed dozens of homeless and hundreds of the general public of Melbourne, and that's only the beginning. Becasue the concept is cost-free, we hope to reach out across Australia and then our aim is to "REALLY feed the world"
1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted every year and yet we have 1 billion people malnourised and/or homeless. We're gonna solve this problem, but we need transportation, with this we can reach a broader demographic and stop waste food in areas that need help the most. Our efforts are minimalized due to the lack of transport or relying on others to help distribute waste food, so we need this to grow. We need this to "REALLY feed the world". We are completely cost-free, we never ask or accept donations unless they are forced upon us, the whole concept relies on sheer determination, hard work and effort to literally kill 3 birds with one stone:

1. Prevent waste food by intercepting it directly from farms, shops, markets, restaurants and everyday households.
2. Teach people how to utilise waste food produce by taking advantage of free public BBQ's whilst informing the general public on how we created the dishes and how they can simply replicate them in their everyday lives.
3. Feed those that are food insecure, homeless, from low-income families or just want to eat food that would have otherwise become waste produce, overcrowding our landfills, exposing the ground to methane gases, creating larger carbon-footprints and generally destroying the planet.
Please check out our Facebook page and keep up-dated on our cook-offs and progress:
or check out our website homepage to discover more about what we do and how we are achieving our goal of revolutionising the food industry on a global scale

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