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The dam site falls in one of the tribal belts of HP. Therefore,under the PESA Act, 1996 and Forest Right Act, 2006 the choice of development options rests with the community. 

The dam is going to submerge agriculture and forest land of many villages settled along the river Chinab .The dam will cause adverse impact on the life and livelihoods of all the villagers. 

By building this dam would create unnecessary conflict with Pakistan on water sharing issues.

The dam area is having thick forest trees of Devdor, adult deodar (Cedrus deodara ) Diar and hundered other small and medium trees and shrubs .That Thousand of Juniper polycarpos (Himalayan Pencil Cedar ) trees, it is locally known as 'SHUR' is an important endangered conifer tree species found in inner arid areas of western Himalayas , Socio economic and ecological point of view Juniper is considered as an important tree species and regarded as sacred tree. The natural as well as artificial regeneration in Juniper is quite low due to phenomenon of seed dormancy .Till date no success has been achieved in overcoming seed dormancy in this valuable endangered conifer species.

This project area is home of many wild Life species including Brown Bear, Black Bear,Snow Leopard,Musk Dear,Himalayan Ibex, Argali- Wild Mountain Sheep,Himalayan Yellow-throated marten,Flying squirrels.

This Hydel Project will wipe out rare species.

Thank you.

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