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As hobby and professional pilots, cadets (including CIC staff, former and current), industry professionals, aviation enthusiasts and concerned citizens we should strive to support each other in this dark hour. The ACGP has been a source of ambition and drive for many in Canada. The program is the monumental cornerstone of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets and a large pride position and success story of Cadets Canada, the Air Cadet League and Department of National Defence. Thousands of Canadian have learned responsibility and accountability at the hands of Regional Gliding Schools. We as those who have learned from the program are now indebted to defend it. We who support hobby and professional flying in Canada are now charged to continue its unique legacy. We as aviation enthusiasts are empowered to assist it. Finally, we as informed and proud citizens are all needed to provide support and a voice to protect this important and culture defining program. You are called upon today to help in this cause, you are called upon to bring a voice to this problem.


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