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9/11, the Bali bombings, London Train bombing, Madrid train bombing and all the other terrorist acts of recent times are religiously motivated. People are incensed and stirred up enough to commit these acts, so what is behind them?

Heaven and hell are religious weapons of mass destruction that may end up destroying us all. 

There is no evidence that either exists but they are powerful enough to incite terrorism, wars, murder and so forth, for rewards in eternity. Those who fear hell are easily led to avoid that fate. 

Religious organisations that sell these products engage in discrimination, suppression and persecution of women, suicide bombing, overpopulation, child abuse and such that oppose the welfare of communities or individuals. Pack rape of a 5 year old child this week is just one of the horrors, honor killings of women, stoning of women, are other things happening today.

To feel pain one requires living nerves and the dead have no living nerves. Likewise they feel no pleasure but those incited don't think like this. Please broadcast this message and get others thinking about it as well. 

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