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TO:  Port Stephens Council

RE: Property: LOT: 1 SP: 76181

This petition signed by citizens of our local area is a combined community objection to the ‘change of use to a brothel’ proposal above.

Our concerns are many and varied; including the introduction of an
operating brothel in our demographic could place some of the most vulnerable in our society at great risk. We are also concerned with the appropriateness of such a business operating in close proximity to residential areas, children’s sporting grounds and play areas; and the effects on undermining social values in relation to the role of women in our local community and in the broader context of modern Australian society.

Other factors affecting both those
working within the brothel and the community in general include: 

Prostitution is nothing more than the exploitation of those who are made vulnerable by poverty, inequality, violence and abuse, by those with greater social and economic power.

Prostitution is not work in any conventional sense of the word. Few
people make a rational decision to enter into prostitution as a career choice;
it is generally a survival strategy.

The average ageof those entering prostitution is estimated to be about 14 years internationally. Nations legalising prostitution, including Australia, have all experienced a significant increase in legal and illegal prostitution, child prostitution and trafficking in persons for sexual purposes.

Other factors to consider include higher rates of STIs, Drug Use, increased physical, social and sexual abuse against women, Increased risk of mental illness and psychological harm of workers, Interface between sex workers and the broader community, links between brothels and organised crime, human trafficking and forced prostitution including child prostitution.

Governments should protect our women and girls, not encourage their sexual exploitation.

Certainly, none of our legislators would want their own wife/daughter/sister/mother working in the commercial sex
industry. They should not think that it is OK for everyone else's.

We therefore urge the Council to take this community petition as
evidence of the concerns of the community and dismiss the current DA (and
indeed any brothel on the Tomaree Peninsula) in the best interests of the
broader community.


Janelle Knox

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Governments should protect our women and children, not encourage their sexual exploitation.

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