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Help end the negative stereotypes of young people by not believing the bad stereotypes out there.

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How this will help

When you think of young people or teenagers - What comes to mind? The vast majority of you will say, hooded, drugged up, drunk, disruptive and undignified hoodlums. 

It's a minority of people that fit those stereotypes, and that minority affect it for the majority of hard working young people. They CAN do good things and they HAVE. We have young leaders shadowing Councillors, volunteers, entrepreneurs, employees, skilled workers. We have those in education, those in work, those who are self employed BEFORE they've even reached 20 with registered legal companies. 

Believe in young people and the things they do. Change your view, and help us tackle the wider issue. You can do it! 

Spread the word. Spread the voice. Spread the cause. 

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