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Emmottville is the place where I grew up and remains the place where many of my family members still reside including my parents, many of my cousins, aunts, and uncles.  This land was purchased by my family in the early 1900's and since then has been divided and handed down throughout the generations that followed.  It's winding dirt roads will lead you under beautiful oak archways, and past at least 14 homes, one community pool, and lots of wildlife. 

For many years, this land has been the location of both family and community events.  Annually, we host family reunions, Fourth of July celebrations, Easter egg hunts, and Christmas parties.  It is also the area where my Girl Scout troop first learned how to cook on a campfire, identify trees and plants, learn about baby chicks and enjoy nature.  During the summer months the Youth group from Fairbanks UMC visits the neighborhood for pool parties and other outdoor activities.  These are just a few of the many things hosted in Emmottville.  Without question, our neighborhood is as a place where both family and community come together to celebrate, learn, and have a good time.

My family also has a long history of community service here in Houston, starting with my Great- Great Grandmother, Catharine Mary Emmott, who was instrumental in establishing Memorial Park.  She wrote to The Houston Chronicle asking that "Camp Logan" be made into a park "in memory of the boys". This idea caught on, and now Memorial Park is here today for each of us to enjoy.  If you visit the Memorial Park Arboretum take note of Emmott Circle dedicated to Catharine Mary Emmott in 1971.  Also, take note of the rustic signs and benches made and donated by my Uncle Army.  While your out and about swing through The Print Museum of Houston.  It is another place in community of which my Uncle Army donated many items to.  More recently, my family members, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Emmott and Tom J. Holmsley, contributed to education in Houston by serving on the school board.  Both Emmott and Holmsley Elementary have been named after them for their dedication to education and community.  My family has taught me the importance of community service.  Therefore, I serve as a Girl Scout leader, Children's Ministry leader, Youth Director, Sunday school teacher and preschool teacher.  My family has worked to improve and build up our community for many generations.  Now we need community to speak up for us in an effort to save our family's land and homes.

Beyond the issue of families being displaced and their homes being destroyed, beyond the loss of benefits to both family and  community, beyond the rich history that would be erased, there are also many animals that find shelter among the 80 year old oaks and pines.  When this land was first purchased there was nature all around.  Now, Emmottville stands as the last piece of wilderness within a mostly industrial part of town.  If this wooded area were made into a detention pond the animals that inhabit Emmottville would be displaced and/or die.  Why disrupt such an eco-friendly community? 

It's not every day that you hear about an entire family living in one area for so long! Emmottville is unique.  It is a wonderful plot of land full of life and history.  If the detention pond were to take its place both our community and family would suffer as well as the local wildlife.  Emmottville would no  longer be there to offer  the Girl Scouts a place to experience and learn about nature,  youth groups to have fellowship and fun, or a place for my family to call home.  Help us keep this beautiful nature-friendly place from becoming a muddy pit that holds rain water and breeds mosquitoes.

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