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Millions of pets will get cancer during their lifetimes.

60% of golden retrievers will get cancer. My family has lost 2 goldens because of it. And I've known MANY dogs who have battled the awful C-word. 

Did you know that cancer is the No. 1 cause of death for older pets? Sadly, an estimated 50% of dogs will develop cancer, and it's the leading cause of death in pet cats and dogs in the United States. It is often a treatable or even curable disease with specialized cancer care.

My name is ParkerPup. I'm a golden retriever who has many jobs in life: I am a professional model/animal actor. I trial in AKC agility. I'm a registered therapy dog with Pet Partners and I am honored to get to work with adults and children who are battling cancer. And I am a cancer awareness advocate, rallying the support of many on my website and my Facebook page. 

It is my hope that cancer research in animals will benefit people as well.

I want to do my part to stop this disease. In honor of Pet Cancer Awareness Month in May, I am supporting Morris Animal Foundation's efforts to end pet cancer. My goal is $2,000. Please join me in working to end pet cancer and create a brighter, cancer-free future for animals.


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