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At the Institute for Career and Personal Development (ICPD) we strive to develop and transform the lives of individuals deprived of quality educational and training opportunities. Primary and secondary education is being allocated considerable attention and resources by the development sector in Pakistan, while skill development, adult learning, workforce competence and personal development are critically neglected sectors.  Our aim is to provide these opportunities and to build up the competence and productivity of people coming from underprivileged backgrounds. With the skills and mindsets taught at the institute, our graduates are able to compete on an equal footing with foreign graduates and those from elite local institutions

Education is the greatest driver of social mobility. With this in mind the institute aims to inculcate those skills and mindset qualities, which would actually lead to better employability prospects. 

Because we are a non-profit organization our motivation lies in competency building, personal & professional development and providing job opportunities for the underprivileged. Being the first institute of our kind in Pakistan, we view ourselves as an indispensable social cause and each rupee we raise helps us reach out to more deserving candidates. 

 We are able to do what we do due to the culture of openness, learning and the shared passion of all the members of our faculty and staff. We teach the value of becoming lifelong learners and the amazing power of mindsets in governing both personal satisfaction and professional success. Apart from skill development, we also provide individual counseling sessions and career guidance. In the end, we try and help our students overcome personal trials and setbacks, and motivate and inspire them to embark on their personal journey towards self-actualization.

You can contribute to the program through the following channels:

ICPD Bank Details (Transfers, Cheques & Deposits) 


Account Number:  0011-0081-029583-01-5


Swift Code: BAHLPKKAXXX.       

Tax: NTN – 4034959-4                      

[email protected]


ICPD Walk-in Donations:

Address: 17-G, Ali Zaib Road, Gulberg 3, Lahore, Pakistan.

[email protected]

Please note that you will be provided a breakdown of how and where your donation will be utilized by the Institute  (Donation receipts will be provided for each walk-in contribution). We will also mail you a Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of the institute and our students, thanking you for your valuable contribution to our cause. Our fundraisers are also periodically invited to come and visit the institute to witness firsthand how their contribution is actually opening doors to opportunities for deserving scholars.

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