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Participate in the Strong Start for Children: Building America’s Future campaign.

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The CWLA National Blueprint asserts that we all share responsibility for assuring the safety and well-being of children and youth. To help them flourish, leaders at every level and in all realms must ensure that individuals, families, organizations and systems collaborate, communicate, create and nurture meaningful partnerships. 

Will you take responsibility for ensuring all children have a strong start? 

PLEDGE:  The President made a historic call for early learning opportunities and has since provided an exciting plan to expand access to early care and education. To make this plan a reality, we must show the President and Congress that there is broad and forceful support for early learning investments. 

Pledging your active support for a "Strong Start for Children: Building America's Future" will make the difference to take the President's plan from a good intention to a reality of expanded high-quality early care and education for America's children. Pledge your active support now. 

SPEAK UP:  After you pledge your support, participate. The first "Strong Start for Children: Building America's Future" action is to thank the President. Follow this link to take your responsibility seriously by taking your first action. Thank the President today. 

After you take action, stay tuned. You'll receive an email each time a new action to further a "Strong Start for Children: Building America's Future" is launched. Keep an eye out for these emails and participate each time. Don't forget to encourage your friends and colleagues to join you by asking them to take the pledge too. 

BACKGROUND:  President Obama called for universal Pre-K in his State of the Union address. The details  (see page 5) that have followed would create a federal-state Pre-K partnership, invest in child care and Head Start for younger children and expand home visiting for the youngest children and pregnant women.  

Home visiting, infant and toddler care, Pre-K and full day Kindergarten make up a continuum of early care and education that enables children to have a strong, safe start. These services can prevent maltreatment and stabilize families that are vulnerable by furthering a child's healthy development, supporting parents' ability to work and connecting families to critical resources and services. 

Families with young children—both at risk of maltreatment and serviced by the child welfare system—stand to gain a lot from a strengthened and more accessible birth-to-five continuum of early learning. All pregnant women need prenatal information, healthy child development must be nurtured, and families need economic resources. A community investment in early childhood provides a way to meet these needs that more stable families more easily secure and sets children on a path to that stability. 


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