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Support CANFF by promoting soccer as a weapon for social change

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We at CANFF believe that soccer has the capacity to change the world. Therefore, our goal is to use soccer as our weapon to improve the lives of underprivileged people and to strengthen their communities by providing them with a positive environment that facilitates their development athletically, educationally, and nutritionally.

CAN Fútbol Foundation believes in building a peaceful and better world, and is concerned with the preservation of human dignity through sport and education.  Soccer, as a sport, has no preconceived prejudice regarding economic status and therefore can serve as a vehicle for social interaction and it can help to establish the right to education for all.Soccer is an intrinsic part of local cultures and communities across the world.

The dynamic and impact of this sport is so positive that it brings smiles to childrens' faces even in the worst of circumstances. In most places, simply showing up to the field with a soccer ball will win you instant friendships and immediate access into a local community. Soccer teams and leagues are pervasive even in the most impoverished communities.CAN Fútbol Foundation recognizes that the true power of soccer has always been in the connections that it creates between people both on and off the field.

Therefore, by using the popularity of soccer to engage underprivileged young people, CANFF has combined Sport and Development concepts, academics, and accountability methodologies in order to make a positive impact in the lives of the youth with which we work.


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