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Please sign the petition above to show Case Western Reserve's administrators that students desire a culture of honesty, respect, and trust.

Here are some examples of Honor Codes at other institutions:

Ohio University's Honor Code asks students to "hold [themselves] to the highest standards of personal honesty and ethical behavior in [their] academic work. and, if if [they] see an instance of academic dishonesty, [to] take the appropriate steps that are consistent with the Honor Code."

Oberlin College's Honor Code asks students, when submitting each assignment, to remember their commitment to the honor code and thus "affirming that they have not cheated, plagiarized, fabricated, or falsified information, nor assisted others in these actions."

At Oberlin, the Honor Code places so much trust in students that professors do not proctor exams.

How is an Honor Code different than the current CWRU Academic Integrity Policy?
An honor code is characterized by the students being the main enforcers of the policy. This is necessary because oftentimes students are the only ones with the evidence to open a claim, and because students are incentivized to report offenses because any unreported claim is a direct threat to the value of his or her degree.
Overall, the logistics would (hopefully) still be the same -- a board of impartial students and faculty will oversee and judge on any submitted claims.


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