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People of Manitoulin Island and Tobermory

We need everyone to sign to indicate how important the ferry is to Manitoulin. Tourism is our life's blood. Up to 80% of tourists use the ferry to travel to and from Manitoulin. The ferry is being delayed by the Federal Government because they will not lower the fenders on the docks. They want to wait until water levels go up. This may not happen for several months or at all!! Please sign this petition and we will give it to Mike Mantha and Carol Hughes. You can also write to the: 

Honourable Denis Libel, 

Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities at

 'Center Block, 636C.

 House of Commons

Ottawa, K1A 0A6


Petra Wall

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How this will help

Sign so the politicians in Ottawa and Toronto will see how important this issue is to all of us at both ends of the Ferry route: Manitoulin and Tobermory 


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