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Prime Minister of India

We demand you fire Delhi Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar immediately for refusing to take responsibility for police corruption and violence both in the recent case of the gang rape of the 5-year-old girl in Delhi and the December gang rape of a young woman on a bus.

Can a corrupt police force stop violence against women?   Click on the links below.  Is it a wonder that Indian women fear the police as much as they fear rapists and criminals? Can women and girls in India ever feel safe when the guardians of law and order function this way?   

Police beat up rape victims’ family members and supporters

Police protects the rapist son of a fellow police officer

Police beat up a woman trying to file a sexual harassment complaint

Police harass, humiliate and try to botch up a rape victim’s complaint

Police help politicians accused of rape evade justice

Police allow rapists to hunt down and kill victims

Police allow rapists to roam free and harass and threaten victims

Police are complicit in the killing of women in their own family for dowry

Police rape and sexually torture minor girls in an orphanage

Police themselves commit dowry extortion and violence

In the landmark report by the Justice Verma Committee on violence on women in India, one of the most critical recommendations was for police reform.  Justice Verma also said that the Committee thought the Delhi Police Commissioner, Neeraj Kumar’s commandeering of the police during the December rape protests was unacceptable and he should be made to resign!

 Prime Minister, your government chose to completely ignore the Verma Committees stand on the Indian police force and on Neeraj Kumar.     Once again a 5-year-old girl was brutally gang raped in Delhi. The police refuse to act on the case, and later tried to squash the rape report. Then they wnt ahead and beat up female protestors!!  And the Neeraj Kumar in his capacity as Delhi Police Commissioner says he is satisfied with how his police force responded and that he sees no need to take personal “moral responsibility!”  

The police in India today have become the private guard dogs of powerful politicians who in turn use them to inflict terror and violence on a powerless public! THIS IS THE HALLMARK OF A TOTALITARIAN REGIME!! 

We demand that you fire Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar immediately! Don’t suspend or transfer him like your system normally does, but FIRE him! Set the precedence for action and discipline for the police force all over India!  

If you do not have the leadership capacity to fire Neeraj Kumar then we demand that you resign immediately!  

The elections are coming up Mr. Prime Minster, and VIOLENCE ON WOMEN IN INDIA IS ON THE TOP OF THE PUBLIC AGENDA! We are watching you closely!  


THE 50 MILLION MISSING: A Campaign Against India's Female Genocide

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A 5 year old is gang raped in Delhi and the police refuses to act on the case. Then they try to squash the rape report and beat up women protestors. The police chief, Neeraj Kumar, says he's...

A 5 year old is gang raped in Delhi and the police refuses to act on the case. Then they try to squash the rape report and beat up women protestors. The police chief, Neeraj Kumar, says he's satisfied with the way his force is and that he takes no "moral responsibility" and will not give up his seat of power!!  Can the police force ever reform with a chief like this? Will the women of India ever feel safe knowing this is the man heading the police force? Please join us in our demand the Prime Minister must fire the Delhi Police Chief immediately!


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