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Save Syrian Christians Bishops and Clergy men.


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We the Syrian Christian expatriates around the world, urge our government to interfere on behalf of all the innocent christian civilians, and clergy in Syria.Two of our most beloved bishops (Yohanna Ibrahim and Paul Yazigi) were abducted recently near Aleppo while undertaking a humanitarian mission.While the lives of many civilians (christians and non christians) are under constant threat and warrant equal concern; these two bishops were providing help and guidance to many.We plead with you to exert pressure and influence to free them.May God Bless you in your efforts.


Khaled Aldaoud

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ان النظام يحاول جاهدا اقناع العالم بانه يحمي الاقليات في سوريا كي يبقى قابعا فوق صدور الشعب السوري و خطف هؤلاء الاساقفة عمل غير ذكر يصب في مصلحة النظام فقط 

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