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Call or write the governor or Pennsylvania, or local representative in PA and Write president of Uni

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Lets change how people are being treated by medicaid. Don't let them dictate how many medications they cover per month or what they consider " Life sustaining medications". I consider anything I take for my mental health issue Bipolar and anxiety Life sustaining medications don't you? I consider back pain medicine for SEVERE back pain on scale of 0-10 where a person is a 8-10 life sustaining don't you? I consider acid and stomach issues and intestinal problems and all the medications that treat those problems as life sustaining medications because they all help you sustain your health and overall well being and your life. They only cover behond the 6 limit stuff like blood pressure pills or stuff like my breathing inhaler but they dictate when you have it filled they told me I have to fill it after 6 of what they call "Non life sustaining medications" first or they count that in your limit of 6 and you need that special override form and all I been getting is more headaches and trouble with my doctors they don't understand what it is and even if medicaid gets it they decline it most of the time I asked the truth from my local CVS pharmacy she told me this is a HUGE problem for people and I quit 2 of my bipolar drugs just to stay under limit of 6 and my doctor didn't like that and are very concerned about that all because of dictators ruining the health of Pennsylvanians. Join me in signing my petition and this pledge as well of writing your local official in Pennsylvania or your own state if you have this same problem and write the president of the United States to help establish a federal ban on medicaid doing this and write Pennsylvania Governor when you have time. The more the better. Thank you for your time and your help I need as much support and help as I can get with this issue to really get this issue out there and spread my cause around at

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