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The limit of 6 medications a month for people on medicaid programs in Pennsylvania needs to be stopped. There is a time when you need to draw a line in what these medicaid companies deem "Life sustaining medications". Any medication that treats any medical condition of your body is a life sustaining medication such as me I take medications for severe mental disorders such as bipolar and the like and for lesser problems but still big problems for sustaining  my health and UPMC For You requires a special BLE form to be filled out by your doctor to convince these dictators why you need these medications. I need mine for mental reasons and severe back pain issues and bowel and stomach issues all big problems and if you don't call these life sustaining medications what is? They only consider life sustaining medications for drugs like blood pressure medication which I am on and I have a inhaler but I called my insurance company and they told me make sure your life sustaining medications (the blood pressure medication and the inhaler) are filled after the 6 limit is met other wise they count in the 6 and your other medications that that consider non life sustaining are rejected and not paid for I cannot just control the order my prescriptions are filled are they trying to hurt people's lives here? It sure looks that way to me just so the government can save a few bucks. I'm forever disabled and I had a SSI check but I lost it when I got married all me and my wife live on is a little over $1,269 a month and out of that comes her medicare expenses food gas expensive car insurance due to bad credit to them and all the other expenses and there is 2 people living on that income. On SSI I got $725 a month  split this check in 2 it doesn't even reach that amount. We barely survive per month like many other people who worked hard and are disabled or were disabled their whole lives and people like us cannot afford to buy some of these medications that we need that medicaid used to cover. The only ones who should worry about what medications we are on and allowed to dictate are what our doctors prescribe to us and not some medicaid company. Please this must be stopped.


Michael Charles Cook Dst

You should sign whether or not your on medicaid or medicare or not. This is hurting people's lives and health. This practice needs to be stopped because there is so many people just like me in this position and needs help there should be no exceptions except drugs a person may not need like for example; eg; sexual dysfunctions but that is a medical problem but to the government it isn't and to lots of tax payers its not but other problems like I stated above are those were my examples and my life story of this problem. There is people who need more life sustaining medications like for mental health than me but to to medicaid they are not. Please sign this petition to help me stop that practice.

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