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Smiley is one of the wolfdogs residing at Full Moon Farm. He wants to remind you that education is a vital part of Full Moon Farm's mission. It is important to educate the public and correct the perpetuated myths surrounding wolfdogs. In order to protect wolfdogs, people must learn and understand the truths.

Full Moon Farm tries to take advantage of every opportunity presented to us to further educate individuals about wolfdogs and hopefully end the fear of the animal that causes issues for them across the nation. One important way we can further our mission is by attending Pet Expos as they are attended by animal welfare professionals and pet lovers who will listen and help spread the truth about wolfdogs and combat the myths and lies. Full Moon Farm has been invited to participate in two Pet Expos in the coming months and would be honored to attend. Both of these events, one in Charlotte, NC and one in Atlanta, GA, would be very beneficial to wolfdog education. We have opportunities at both Expos to speak during the presentation as well as an offer to be on a radio show in Atlanta to talk about wolfdogs.

The cost of entry fees and travel expenses for both Expos will be approximately $2,000. We need your help to make it to the Expos. Please consider donating any amount to help us offset the expenses of attending the Expos so that we can educate and advocate for wolfdogs and promote the importance responsible ownership and the requirements that go along with owning one of these amazing animals. 

Please share this with friends and family even if you personally are not able to financially help, sharing helps spread the word!

Thank you in advance for your support to help us continue our mission of wolfdog advocacy and education.

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