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The problem I see with the water shortage in Africa, is that really young girls are having to be the water providers for their families. The young girls have to revolve their whole day, each day around going to get the water and they miss out on their education. A lot of families rely on their daughters because the mother usually has HIV/AIDS and is too weak to carry the water such a long ways and they also have to take care of their other children.   

The borehole wells with hand pumps cost around $15,000, giving water to about 1,000 people. If every community could get a pump or two than these young girls would have a choice in life and their lives wouldn't be so difficult.

This is happening because the young girl's education comes second to the family's needs. The father is working trying to make some money for the family, the mother is a lot of the times suffering from HIV/AIDS and still taking care of her children, cooking for them and cleaning all day and the young girl comes next after that to get the water.

If the girls had the choice to go to school or to get water for their families every day, I'm sure most of them would chose to get an education. An education can open so many doors for these young girls instead of having children at a young age which could lead to HIV spreading. Than the cycle starts all over again with their daughters.

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