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Soundside Marinelife Rescue Center (501c3 Non-Profit) is working towards opening Washington State's first and only wildlife rehabilitation center dedicated exclusively to marine mammals and marine birds. Please help us achieve this goal by making a donation or donating your time by volunteering. Your donation will go directly towards building a marine hospital, supplies and medical equipment needed for the hospital, research involved with monitoring the health of our oceans, and Soundside's outreach program which educates the public about ocean conservation.

Currently in WA and OR, orphaned or injured marine animals such as the state endangered sea otters and threatened stellar sea lions have no place to go for long term rehabilitation. Many times these animals need care because of human inflicted causes such as being shot or tangled in trash. We should right what we have wronged by attempting to save these critters humans have harmed.  As humans who depend on petroleum and other chemicals, it is our duty to be prepared if a disaster with one of these products does occur.A marine rehabilitation facility will be a much needed sanctuary for animals in the Pacific Northwest in case of a disaster such as an oil spill.

Throughout the United States you can find a variety of rehabilitation facilities dedicated exclusively to the care of marine animals. The northeast region has over ten marine rescue organizations while California alone has over six.  With the high number of marine facilities established around the United States it is somewhat surprising that the Northwest is still lacking an appropriate Marine Rescue Facility.  Soundside Marinelife Rescue Center would strive to become a facility which could hospitalize every marine mammal (excluding large whales) and marine bird species found in the North West. The facility will also promote public education pertaining to ocean conservation and inspire community involvement.

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