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Help a Zambian child reunite with her family. Lusaka has countless children living on the streets. They all have different stories of what brought them there. For some, it's the perceived glamour of street life. For others, their families are so far beneath poverty level that they runaway looking for hope of a better life. 

This story can change. Chisomo, a Zambian led initiative, has two centers where street children children are daily reached with food, care, hygiene, education, mentoring, sports  and vocational training through Chisomo's drop-in center and sleep-over facility.

Street children are reconnected with family members and reintegrated into homes.  Families are taught income generating activities so they are able to provide adequate care.  Street children that cannot be placed in homes are put into boarding school to receive housing and education. 

Prevention efforts are undertaken in at-risk communities to support education of children, form self help groups and provide recreational outlets. 

You can help change the story of a child's life forever. Donate so this work can continue. Help bring them back home!

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