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The issue of overpopulation deserves our attention and assistance because if we do not begin to manage population growth, eventually there will not be enough resources to maintain life as we know it. Our population has reached 7 billion and is continuing to grow at a faster rate then our planet can sustain. We must take action to slow the rate of population growth.

Overpopulation is defined as a condition where an organism's numbers exceed the current carrying capacity of its habitat. Our population is growing at a rate which our environment cannot keep up with, and therefore is a huge problem that affects everyone. Today the population of earth has almost reached 7 billion. Around 260 babies are born each minute all over the world, perhaps that gives you a better idea of how fast our population is really growing.

 Donating to Planned Parenthood will enable them to reach out to countries in need like India in the hope of helping people make informed and repsonsible choices concerning procreation. Planned Parenthood also provides people with contraceptives and preventative measures.

You can make a difference!

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