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Donate money to send birth control to India.

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is currently India's biggest dilemma because it has numerous effects on the
whole country. Traditional son preference is widespread in India and has skewed the male to female ratio greatly. There are currently about 35 million fewer women than men in India. The reason for the son preference is that parents expect sons, not daughters, to provide for them when they grow older. Whereas, if they had a daughter, their money would go to the dowries and their daughter would marry into another household, leaving nobody to care for them. (1) Another cause to overpopulation is lack of education. Women in India are unable to attain the knowledge of sex education and the advantages to using birth control.

Everyone in the country is affected by overpopulation. It is causing a major decline in resources that are needed to stay alive. According to PBS News, people in the Vasant Kunj neighborhood spend four to six hours a day waiting for the municipal tanker truck to arrive. Hundreds of people have to share public toilets, which often breakdown, forcing people to find places to go in the
little bit of forested area they can find.

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