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If you could save a square foot of rainforest just by sharing a video on Facebook, wouldn't you? Join us in our Share and Save a Square effort - all you have to do is share this post, and you've done your part. 

Want to do even more for Earth Day? Your donation will be used to save even more of this quickly disappearing land.

A single square foot of rainforest can contain an unthinkable amount of plant and animal life. Some of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet exist in the rainforests The Rainforest Site and work to protect.

For example, in an area roughly 5 times the size of Central Park in the Serra Bonita mountain range in eastern Brazil, there was recorded 330 species of birds and the world's greatest diversity of moths and butterflies with approximately 5,000 species at one site--more species than exist in all of North America. 

This Earth Day, help The Rainforest Site and support partners like WLT-US to save rainforests around the world, giving birds, monkeys, apes, big cats, and so many more species a home. 


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