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   Of all the issues, I believe overpopulation is the most crucial. This is because overpopulation is the root of many other problems in the world, including poverty, disease, lack of land, war, and environmental issues such as global warming, lack of access to water, and a lot of waste. Overpopulation is a complicated issue because its causes are hard to solve. However, there are some solutions out there, it is just a matter of executing them. 

   Overpopulation is defined as, "the condition of having a population so dense as to cause environmental deterioration, an impaired quality of life, or a population crash."(CITE)  Its three major causes are immigration, gender inequality, and lack of family planning, but its effects are limitless. If we do not curb the population soon, our world will suffer severe environmental, social, and economical crises.

   By donating to International Planned Parenthood Federation, you will be giving money to pay for people to visit countries such as India and Africa where overpopulation is worst and provide educators and birth control. These educators will explain the issue and help families come up with solutions and a plan for their family. We can stop overpopulation! 

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