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A quick math lesson - On average, a student spends on 180 days per year, 8 hours each day in school. For an 18-year-old, that's 12% of their life shaped in the classroom. 

Aside from parents, it is teachers who are the most active influence in a young person's life. In order to continue educating and inspiring young people worldwide, we're bringing together the best of the best educators for the Fourth Estate Leadership Summit. But one qualified teacher needs your help to make it there.   

Giving a teacher the resources to empower their students to become future leaders is a priceless investment and, this week, our goal of $495 will cover costs for one qualified teacher's scholarship to the four day Fourth Estate Leadership Summit-  including housing, food, and material expenses.

The Fourth Estate Leadership Summit is an unparalleled opportunity for educators to enhance their own curriculum by hearing from the top leaders in their field and participating in workshops and discussions with fellow educators.

Donate before Sunday and help make a difference around the world by first helping teachers make a difference in their classrooms. 

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