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All Houstonians want safe neighborhoods, good parks, good schools for our kids, and good jobs – all things that help build strong vibrant communities.

There is enough money to fund our schools and the public services we value. Houston is not broke. Year after year hundreds of huge office buildings in Houston aren't taxed anywhere close to their true value leaving hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue on the table. Owners of high-end office buildings aren't paying their fair share.  Since 2005, the owners of the top 500 high-end office buildings have cost Houstonian taxpayers and schools nearly $500 million in property taxes. Who pays the price? Homeowners, our communities, our schools.

It's time to take a stand for Houston's future. Houstonians have missed out on too many opportunities to invest in better schools, city services and better jobs. It's time for Houston to get off the bench and take a stand for our city's future.

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