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Did you know that?

  • Every minute, a child in Africa dies from malaria.
  • 400 million are infected with dengue each year; symptoms are so painful they call it "break-bone fever" because it feels like one's bones are breaking
  • Those affected by malaria and dengue are mostly children

We need your help to develop vaccines to prevent these two diseases. Making a donation not only saves adults and children from suffering and death, but also helps economies because:

  1. Healthy children attend school
  2. Healthy workers are more productive
  3. Good health promotes savings; and
  4. Expectations about offspring's health promotes the transition from large to small families  (*Bärnighausen, et al. 2008. South African Medical Journal 98(11): 842-846.) 
Your support fuels our progress in the fight to end malaria and dengue fever in the developing world. When you donate to Global Vaccines, you are helping us:
  • Ensure lifesaving vaccine research gets funded so new cures can be discovered.
  • Provide help and support to people facing malaria and dengue fever when and where they need it to get well.
All donations make a difference in the fight to end disease and to help Global Vaccines create a world with more birthdays. About Global Vaccines, Inc.  Global Vaccines is a not-for-profit company whose mission is to create low-cost vaccine technologies for the developing
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