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Help stop gang stalking in the ways detailed below.

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How this will help

I am a physician living in the western Philadelphia suburbs and I am a "targeted individual". 

My wife is a survivor of domestic violence from her former
marriage.  Due to corruption among Burlington County (NJ) family lawyers and judges, she lost custody of their kids to her abuser, an adjudicated domestic violence offender with a final restraining order against him, with a recent DUI, who also made a false child abuse allegation against me and kept their kids from my wife for months.  

By statute in New Jersey, there is a presumption of custody to the non-abusive parent when a restraining order is issued.  These lawyers and judges ignored their own state law.

When I tried to helpmy wife fight back against her abusive ex and expose the corruption, I became a targeted individual

Targeted Individuals like myself are being systematically, covertly destroyed by organized group stalking and electronic directed energy weapons.  We are also being blacklisted and career sabotaged.  Many of us have become targeted because we spoke out against corruption, were whistleblowers, etc.  

The media largely ignores this crime of "gang stalking". The government and law enforcement deny that it exists.  Probably because they are the ones doing it.  Our constitutional rights must be restored.  Targeted individuals like me are being secretly destroyed today. Tomorrow, maybe you and your loved ones.

Here are some things you can do:

Believe that this crime is real.  The perpetrators maintain absolute secrecy
and try to discredit all who complain of this crime as mentally ill.  Unfortunately not the case.

Repost this wall post wherever you can.

Websites & videos & social media:

Video about electronic weapons harassment,  "Who Is Elisa Lam?":

Former Governor Jesse Ventura Episode "Brain

c) (ex FBI agent Ted Gunderson, targeted

d) (ex FBI agent Bob Levin, targeted individual)

(former British soldiers, targeted individuals)

f)  (Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance)

Ask me any questions you have & I will try to answer them.

Tell everyone you can about this crime & the threat to freedom that it represents.  If they want a specific example, tell them about my case.

If possible donate time, energy, &/or funds to organizations fighting this crime.

Try to get media coverage of this crime.

Sign petitions, talk to your elected representatives, etc.


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