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Volunteer with Global Justice for Animals and the Environment at Earth Day New York's annual Earth Fair, a massive eco-event held this year in Union Square (4/5/6/L/N/Q/R to 14th Street-Union Square).  We'll be running an information booth from 9AM until 6PM, where Earth Fair attendees can learn about TPP, pick up fliers, sign petitions, and find out how they can get involved in the fight for greener trade policy.  We'll also be running a kids activity - kids will be encouraged to draw pictures of orangutans to express concern about the destruction of the orangutan's home in the Malaysia's rainforests by the oil palm trade -- and how corporations involved in the destruction like Cargill will be able to use TPP's procurement rules to prevent governments from instituting sustainable palm oil procurement rules and to prevent Malaysia from enacting stronger laws to protect its endangered forests.  In addition to staffing the booth, volunteers will circulate through the crowd, asking attendees to sign petitions and handing out fliers on TPP and its threat to the environment.  For more info or to find us on site, contact Wendy at (347) 881-5634 or email [email protected]

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