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Support Cassandra Burgtorf in obtaing rights of her son Robert William Burgtorf III

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Robert was taken for my custody in 2006 he was two and a half years old. I did have issues with drugs and mental health prior to his removal. I went to rehab completed 3 months and then when I got released I continued to fight for my son. I went to parenting classes, got mental health treatment, had a job, had a house, was going to school and attended ever thing that I was told to along with church. I never missed a visit and was always told by the people who supervised my visits that they were impressed with how me and my son interacted compared to other visits that they supervised! I was a model mother is what they said to me. I really did my best and went above and beyond attending his school meetings at the preschool and showing that I did want my son to come home. The fight lasted close to two years and I thought I was close to getting my son back. I had one drug test that came back unreadable this was after my first visit with him unsupervised at a Mc Donald's. I had been pleading with them to come to the house to do a home study and they refused for four months! I kept getting the run around about a lot of things. The first caseworker that was assigned to my case was very supportive and then when she left the company I was assigned a new caseworker whom I meet for the first time and went to shake his hand to introduce myself when he rolled his eyes at me. Then I realized that not everybody wanted to see good things happen for me and my son. I still pushed and did all I could and constantly getting pushed down by my new caseworker things were not looking good. I went to my last court hearing the next week after the unreadable test and my lawyer which of whom never supported me during this process he was court appointed. He told me to give my son up months before even getting to this last hearing. It was my case worker Steve from Child and Family Services in Lansing Michigan and my lawyer they had papers for me to sign which were giving my rights away. My case worker told me that he was going to terminate my rights if I did not sign off that day and that if I did not they were taking him anyway and that would result in me unable to have any more children. I was at the time on heavy medication for "Bi-Polar" which was 800 mg of Serqual and by then I felt backed in a corner. I cried my eyes out signing the papers. When I got off the psych medication I came to my senses and went to appeal my decision. I was told I was a day late and they would not allow me to appeal. In 2010 I paid a lawyer to help me once again. I had a home, job, car and was going to school. He took my money and three months later he told me nothing he could do. Now I am feed up with this because I love my son. He was never physically, sexually, or emotionally abused. There were test ran and they were negative. My petition is that I get back that which was stolen from me from the State Of Michigan! Please help me! May Gods will be done! Thank you very much for your support!

Cassandra Burgtorf

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