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***Update: after speaking with the missionaries in Puerto Escondido, God has placed it in our hands to build a house the first few days that we're there. We will be teaming up with another group. Please help us to help these people. Thank you for your continued support!!***

Arkeo Community Church has planned their 2013 mission trip to Puerto Escondido, Mexico for early June and is in need of help getting there. 

Our goals for the trip are simple: to both serve God and serve our missionary family while growing closer as a community. 

As our group of 7 prepares to travel next month, we are requesting prayers for a productive, successful and safe trip. We're all incredibly grateful to be able to help our missionary brothers and sisters in Mexico. Previous trips have included building projects, cleanup projects and helping community members with emergencies. 

Also, any amount of financial help is greatly appreciated and goes towards the mission trip fund which helps all 7 members of the team.  Don't forget! Donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

Thank you so much for your support! 


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