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People of North Lanarkshire

This petition has been raised because the people of North Lanarkshire no longer have faith in the Labour led Council to protect their Civil & Human Rights.That the Council has become more of a Corporation acting in its own interests rather than its electorate.  

Not providing them with sustainable economic and social growth.They have failed to protect the rights of the child also and the stability of their educational and social environment. 

Without establishing due cause for the need for relocation and demolishing buildings of historical and cultural significance.

That they have been complicit in managing policies of National UK Government in detriment to the local population without seeking appropriate action to avert these. 

This has led to area's of high poverty and social deprivation remaining so for around 30yrs or more....

That they maintain 300 executive staff on lucrative salaries comparable with MP's ranging from £50,000 - £147,000 (One higher than the Prime Minister).

That their management style is not conducive with true Democratic values and by so using their political will discredit voices of opposition contrary to Article 19 of UNCHR.


Robert Frederick

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For a better North Lanarkshire that is not only truly democratic where people do have a say but one that will develop both economically and socially ensuring a brighter future for us all!

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