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41 animals starving at Visina, a poor village, next to Tecuci

Hi everyone! I hope you remember about our Spay/Neuter event from Visina village, close to Tecuci, on the 24th of September 2011. It has been a long time since then, but now the owner of those animals, Silvia Rugina,  called me and told me she doesn`t have any financial resources, since her husband has lost his job.She took them before, when her husband worked in Italy and he sent her money for their food, but now he lost his job and came back home.  She is not \a hoarder  and she always asked her neighbours to keep their animals sometimes she found kittens thrown over her yard.

They have 18 cats (3 of them are not castrated) and 23 dogs (4 of them are not castrated). Few days ago she hardly payed to the store where she used to get food, on credit, till next month, about 1500 lei (about $ 470 or 360 Euro). This is the money she needs to feed all of them each month. She was desperrately crying because she is not able to feed her animals anymore. She used to feed them with a mix of bread and boiled rice and bones. You could see in the pictures the place and the huge cauldron, outside on a fire, where she prepared their food. But now… they are starving, dear friends. I know how poor that village is and she has no chance to get any help from someone else. She told me they don`t want to abandon their animals, no way, but they haven`t any solution for this situation. I know how many Causes we and other people have and how many times and for how many animals we asked for your help. What could we do now? Let them starve?... This woman had only 5 dogs and some cats of her own. The rest of them she adopted from the streets. They were abandoned by their owners and she couldn`t stand to see them begging for a piece of bread… She and her husband have a big heart, but now they are not able to feed their animals. 41 dogs and cats hardly have eaten few pieces of bread for two days. Dear friends, animal lovers, please, if you can help, HELP them. They would take any help --money to buy bred, rice and bones (this is cheaper) or if somebody can to donate food, it`s also welcome). This is where you can donate -- in RAR`s account on [email protected] paypal or at and please mention ''food for Visina''. I know you are hearted people and I know you will help, as you can, these animals. Thank you very much for your support! :-(By: Mihaela Mocanu


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