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INCREDIBLE INDIA....................SCF

Delhi shamed again, 5-year-old raped, brutalised...So Sad and Shameful of a 5 Year old Girl being Raped in Delhi and Later they tried to Kill her..A five-year-old girl was raped, battered, had a plastic bottle and candles shoved into her vagina and was left to die in a locked room in east Delhi by her 25-year-old neighbor before she was discovered two days later, lying in a pool of her own blood.what else do you expect?? in a third world low class country where the people are full of hypocritical ideas? No matter how many malls come up here. People's mentality is still stuck in the 19th century in this country. our country is full of shameless , corrupted people and this will bring us down for a second time. The british and Portuguese took full advantage of this greed , backstabbing, unreliable and evil nature of our countrymen and ruled us for years using divide and rule. even after 65 years of independance..our country still is in slave mentality....Police are showing their true colors to the public. They are useless and should be punished for their non-performance.India is getting worse day by day. Our great country has lost its admiration whether it is because of Delhi or other states. Indeed Delhi is the worst city in terms of safety of any woman. i dont understand why our countrymen can not wake up and at least make our country safe from such kind of brutal activities. Its a shame to all indians wherever we live. No civilized country in the world has such kind of brutal violence against women. There are countries in Africa where violence could be more against women, but we are India, a civilized developing nation!! not only our politicians, but i think our public needs to be more stronger. In Arab countries, protests destroyed ruling parliaments, so why our democratic country we have to face such kind of crime. WAKE UP PEOPLE, dont only live for MONEY, lets all FIX our country. Why cant we fight our policemen who dont care for safety of our women??It is SHAMEFUL to note that Delhi's Chief administrator is a WOMEN!!Such People should be left in public openly.. Completely shattering ...Feels sad to be a man !

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