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Dear friends,

Please take a moment to read about something very near and dear to my heart. If you read just one thing I post this year, let this be it! I am blessed to have the opportunity to go spend the summer working with a really really wonderful organization! Many of you have heard me talk about or post things about Visible Grace.

Ten years ago, my friend Ashby went to Kenya. Her heart was broken by the plight of the orphaned children who, instead of playing and being in school, must beg and scavenge for food in order to survive. The UN estimates that there are about one million orphaned children in Kenya as a result of AIDS alone. 

Ashby felt moved by God to do everything she could to provide education, love, and hope to the many children orphaned by AIDS and other causes. When she researched the various non-profit models that were working in Kenya at the time, she identified a problem.  Providing food alone is not enough to break the cycle of poverty. Neither does providing education. Children need love. They need mommies and daddies.

In 2003, Ashby Rauch founded Visible Grace as a USA-based non-profit. In her words, "We believe that children learn best when they are cared for physically, mentally, and spiritually. With God's blessing, we will open a school and home for orphaned children." Different from an orphanage, Visible Grace will adopt the children and give them parents, food, knowledge, and love: the things they need in order to change Kenya from the inside-out.

Ten years later, that dream is a reality. Visible Grace has land, a house, and, as of this week, three beautiful CHILDREN! This summer, I will be starting work on the next milestone for Visible Grace, which is the school! I'll be going to various schools in Kenya, planning the Visible Grace curriculum, and working to get accreditation to issue diplomas. 

That's where you come in! :) I need your financial support to make this happen. Even if you don't have much, small amounts really add up! If 200 people on my friends list gave just 10$ each, I'd be all the way to my fundraising goal!

It's super easy to donate! You can donate here through causes, or you can use paypal. Your donation goes directly to Visible Grace, and it's tax deductible! Doing it on here is as easy as a few clicks.

However, if you'd rather support me with paypal, visit the link below, choose the amount you'd like to contribute, and then click the link that says "Add special instructions to the seller" and write in "Scott Lindstrom." That allows us to allocate it toward my fundraising goal!

Thank you so much for any help you can give!!!

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