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Use my artistic abilities, skills and voice to fight against sex trafficking.

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How this will help

United Christian Artists Against Sex Trafficking 


United, we are one voice. United, we are a wave that can bring change!  The pledge is to be that voice of change, to use your gifts and skills to create an impact within the society around you.  

 All Christian Artists are welcomed to join the Awareness To Action Pledge to fight against sex trafficking of women and children. This campaign is to create a global team of unified artists that will work internationally as a team, to use their abilities and voice in unison, to bring further awareness of this growing issue and to fight together against the traffickers that have bound our women and children. Together, we can be the answer to bring hope and freedom to the many women and children whose voices have been silenced. Together, let us be their voice! Together, let us become the hands of freedom!

As Christian Artists, we have a responsibility to be the light, God has called us to be. As Christian Artists, we have a mandate to be not only a voice of hope to the captives,  but to be the hands that free them as well.  Humanity, was not created to be bound, but to be free.

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