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Administration of Sochi

Administration of Sochi, where 2014 Olympics will take place during next year's winter, has announced a tender for the capture and putting to death straying cats and dogs. The corresponding application was posted at the end of March at the official website of the state procurements. Before the Christmas holidays the winner company  will  have to catch and kill 2028 of them in the Central area of the city. 

 The official's plans have caused a flurry outrage among local environmentalists and nature protectors. “Volunteers that donated money for treating dogs, and sterilizing them, facing some problems. Then, these dogs are freed, after a while their bodies are found. The children's beloved, cats and dogs, that live in every yard!..” 

"Shooting - no! Sterilization – yes!" 

 Athlets, boycott the Olympics in Sochi, otherwise you'll slip on the blood of the poor animals.


Shula Dubson

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Prevent the capture and putting to death 2028 straying cats and dogs.


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