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Dear Member of the Greater Atlanta Disability Community:    I am putting out a call to action for our basic human rights to access to public and private transportation!   Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed's Administration has been rewriting the Atlanta Taxi Ordinance to strengthen the taxi industry, the standards under which it operates in the city, and ways the city can put incentives in place to get more accessible taxis put on our streets to benefit not just disability community taxi riders, but all those who use taxis in our region. I have been part of this Task Force and the Accessible Taxi Subcommittee.       On Wednesday April, 17, 2013 we meet for our 3rd Accessible Taxi Subcommittee meeting, and drafted Recommended policies for the Taxi Ordinance on this subject. The recommendations of the subcommittee  will now go to the full Taxi Ordinance Task Force for adoption to move to approval by the Mayor and City Council of Atlanta.  We got back an email from an absent subcommittee member saying … "I can assure you these issues will end up in a court of law, delaying any real action to help the disabled community."     THE RESPONSE WE GOT BACK We the Accessible Taxi Subcommittee have done everything we can to make it a win-win set of recommendations for the City of Atlanta, its taxi industry and the Disability Community. Take a look at the recommendations of the Accessible Taxi Subcommittee and see for yourself!

Here the Recommended policies from the  Accessible Taxi Task Force

We provided a Funding Source to help Taxi Owners get access to capital (money) to Buy Accessible Taxis in section 2 of the Recommended policies so the taxi industry would not have large financial obligations in buying the Accessible Taxis! In return, we seek an increase in fees to recover the costs of administering the Vehicles For Hire (VFH) function of City government – so that the city's general (property) taxpayers stop subsidizing this function of government. The taxi industry is the only one in the transportation sector which is by law not ADA compliant – all other transportation forms (airlines, bus lines, railroad and maritime industries) are compliant! Now we are forced to again rally for our basic human rights to equal access to public and private transportation! Please call or email the Atlanta city council with your reason why we need Accessible Taxis here in Atlanta and the state of Georgia!!!!!!!The link to the Atlanta City Council web page for members' email and phone numbers is below! Also contact Mayor Reed and ask him to initiate the recommendations of the Accessible Taxi Subcommittee to City Council, including fee increases to the taxi industry, to ensure that subsidies to the taxi industry which are currently provided by the City's property taxpayers are ended!!

Thank you for your Support,

American Wheelchair Society 

Drew Walker (AWS) Founder

[email protected] or 678-600-5553


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