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Do you trust politicians? I have started gathering signatures for a petition in relation to same sex marriage proposals. This petition is NOT about whether you support changes to the Marriage Act or oppose them. It is about having the will of the people clearly communicated to the government. There is a lot of discussion and there have been many surveys on Australia introducing same sex marriage laws. As we all know surveys are suspect. How many have been wrong in predicting election results? The best way to once and for all tell the government of whatever persuasion what is the will of the people is to hold a referendum/plebiscite in conjunction with the federal election to be held in September. If you care about this matter then you should support this action, no matter which side of the final debate you are on. I will not be discussing my views in this process but I am confident that if the Australian people speak either way I will be content with the government following their wishes. If you support changes and the Government does nothing then you will be annoyed. If you oppose changes and the Government introduces them then you will be annoyed. If the Australian people vote on this matter then the Government would be hard pressed not to give heed to their wishes. Vote now for the people of Australia to have their say. Don't trust the politicians to decide this matter for you. Mark Breen

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