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First and foremost think about the affect my words and actions can have on other people. I pledge to

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The creators of the movie Lockdown are asking you to take a stand with us against bullying. Our words and actions have a profound impact on the people around us. You never know how someone's experiences leading up to an interaction with you can affect the way they interpret your words. We are asking you to take a pledge, not just to think about your own actions, but to stand up for the voiceless when they are being put down or bullied. Being an advocate for someone in need can change the entire course of their life. Don't let your fear of standing out keep you from standing up for what you know in your heart to be right. 

By spreading the word to your friends, we can incite real change.

To find out more about the movie Lockdown and how you can help prevent bullying and school violence, visit

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