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In 2010 New Mexico was ranked 2nd in America for child death per capita. No child should suffer abuse of any kind. This petition calls for the Governor of new Mexico to instigate a system where anyone with a history of violence, sexual offences,  harassment or any other behavior likely to cause harm to a child, must disclose to the appropriate authority; when they enter any relationship where children are involved or present. The purpose of which is to make a risk assessment to any danger or risk to children. Any person who's history poses a risk to a child should not have an automatic right to care or be part of a child's day to day living. The welfare and safety of children should be the primary and paramount consideration.Albuquerque journal. New Mexico among the worst deaths per capita


Daddys WithAngels

Children are not born into this world to suffer abuse, long term disability or death by adults who are involved in their daily lives.  Please support this petition by signing it and sharing it. If just one child is saved then this petition will be a success. 

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