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Participate in NOT purchasing any meat products in the month of August, 2013!

This pledge closed about 5 years ago

How this will help

What would happen if a million consumers--- maybe 2 million consumers, didn't buy any beef, pork, veal, bacon, or mutton (no meat) for the entire month of August, 2013?  Would the ranchers feel our power as consumers?  Would the ranchers finally pay attention to our outrage about the continued exaggerations regarding wolf depredation on livestock (when in reality wolves are only responsible for LESS than 1% of livestock losses per year)?    Would ranchers then pay attention to our outrage about them grazing their 'cash cows' on our public lands---wolf territory!?  Grazing on public lands ruins the environment of those lands and tempts wolves with literal 'room service' as cows are dumped off into these areas to graze---most times unguarded.  What if the national press picked up our protest and boycott --- wouldn't it be an opportunity to gather publicity for the plight of the wolves and all they are enduring?  

Wild horses and burros are also exploited by the ranching industry.  Flushed out with helicopters, rounded up and sold to animal dealers who then sell the horses and burros to meat packing plants in Canada and Mexico!  Join in for The Great American Meat-out for Wolves & Wild Horses!  --- link -

Take the challenge & invite ALL of your friends!   Many howls!  


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