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Boycott all products made in Ontario, Canada and to not visit until the ban of Pitbulls is removed.

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PLEASE email the Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne to quit stalling on bringing forth Bill 16 for third  reading. I have enclosed a form email that you can send to the Premier. PLEASE let's get this done!!!

In 2005 the Liberal Government of Ontario, Canada passed a bill making it illegal to own Pitbulls.

There is now a Bill waiting to be brought forward for third reading in the legislature of Ontario. Once this Bill is read for the third time a vote will be held and the ban of Pitbulls will be lifted. Thousands of Dogs and families have been affected by this ridiculous ban.

Premiers email address:

[email protected]

Email topic: End the ban of Pitbulls in Ontario.


To the Honourable Kathleen Wynne, Ontario, Canada,

Please quit stalling on bringing forth Bill 16 for third reading. I pledge not to buy any products made in Ontario. I also pledge to never visit Ontario until this barbaric law is repealed. Please do the right thing for all the Animals and families involved.



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