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Canadian BC dog guardians & supporters are 'Biting Back' at a Draconian, and often abused, Dog Control Bylaw which has lead to extreme suffering of seized dogs.

Lulu, a much loved family dog, was seized and euthanized within 1 hour. Diesel was held for 2 years (14 human years) in isolation, now at a location unknown to his guardian & fears for his safety. Zac & Chloe, killed before the Provincial judge had finished his summing up, they are believed to have been gassed to death in Nanaimo's gas chamber's.Those same gas chambers are still operational today! Cane released but only after a year in isolation. Shadow, now released, was under threat of death for fifteen months. RDCO dog control officers (with RCMP help) kicked in the front door of a physically & mentally disabled, 61 yr old woman at 2 in the morning & took her 4 Pomeranians, dogs held for nearly 8 months caged in the same tiny concrete cells that imprisoned Diesel and Shadow. Chum & Champ, now rehomed on order of the court. This pair of gentle Newfoundland dogs suffered long incarceration & Chum's physical and mental health was destroyed. If you live in BC there is a hard copy petition with a flyer for printing & distribution. Follow us on Twitter @ALUNAsect49dogs


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