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For the foreseeable future I'll be in Guatemala working with an NGO called Rising Minds...

Whilst with Rising Minds I'll be working towards a number of objectives which aim to improve provision and access to education, nutritional training/resources and sustainable developmental initiatives.

For those who don't know much about Guatemala, it's a beautiful country but  sadly has the highest level of chronic malnutrition in the Western Hemisphere (4th highest in the world) and is a place where 76% of rural indigenous children do not complete elementary school.

The support and respect Rising Minds have earned in Guatemala is invaluable, but in only three weeks it's become undeniably apparent that without financial support and donations from those in a position contribute, many of our efforts remain hopeful endeavors in place of tangible realities.

This year, instead of a generic wall post, please consider donating any amount feasible to Rising Minds and help our intentions materialise into the reality that everyone deserves.

Love XO

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