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Help spay, neuter and vaccinate the alley cats!

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How this will help

UITE cat de usor e sa ajuti:

1. O sterilizare de mascul costa 50RON, o sterilizare de femela costa 70RON;

2. O doza de vaccin (Vanguard CPV+Rabic) costa in jur de 11.5RON;

3. O doza de deparazitant intern costa doar 4.3 RON, iar o doza de deparazitant extern in jur de 17.5RON (posibil si mai ieftin, inca evaluam optiuni);

4. Pisoiasii mici au inceput de rinotraheita, usor tratabila daca ne apucam de treaba acum, si pot fi ADOPTATI, ii putem feri de o viata in canal...:(

Daca nu poti ajuta financiar, NICI O PROBLEMA! 

1. POTI ajuta la prinderea lor si la returnarea in teritoriu. Vom incerca sa prindem cate 3-4-5 pe zi, pentru a fi usor sa le manevram. (AVEM CUSTI-CAPCANA!)

2. POTI ajuta gazduind temporar o pisica adoptabila!

3. POTI da mai departe catre prietenii tai evenimentul, incurajandu-i sa participe, sa ajute pisicutele din subsoluri....

4. DONEAZA deparazitante (interne/externe) daca ai in plus

When one of our adopted cats was lost by her adopter, we discovered over 30 adults and 10 kittens roaming in that area. While the search for Jiva continues, we'd like to help the local cats from being killed/poisoned by the residents of that area, by spaying and vaccinating them. 

In order to do that, we genuinely need your help:

1. To fund a spay/neuter surgery - 11.5Euro/male, 16E/female

2. To fund a vaccine shot - roughly 2.6Euro/cat (Vanguard CPV+Rabies)

3. To fund a dose of dewormer/de-flea medicine (roughly 1Euro/dewormer tablet, and roughly 4Euro/flea medicine)(suggestions would be appreciated)

4. To help fund treatment for the kittens with incipient rhinotracheitis

5. To help foster/promote/adopt one of the kittens and the more adoptable cats

6. To participate in the cat luring and trapping operations 

7. To invite your friends to help, virtually or real-life.

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